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FAST works continuously to preserve and protect the Tennessee Walking Show horse by hosting shows, support shows, funding research and development and providing funding for legal initiatives that are critical to the preservation of our show horse


FAST has a variety of projects that it works to to provide support and resources.


This marks the foundations most important annual event to provide resources for the foundations continued operation.

Research &


On more than one occasion, FAST has provided resources to fund critical reserach to support the industry's position that our horses are in compliance with the HPA

Legal Fund

Throughout its history, the foundation has participated in critical legal funding that has savied the show horse from undue regulatory initiatives.


FAST is committee to continuing to support education initiatives that provide a front line look at our horse, its versatility and its endurance wheterh as a show horse, trail horse or versatility horse.

Horse Show Development

New and revived shows are able to apply for a grant to support a newly formed show or a show that is being revived following a period of absence.  FAST strongly supports the continue exhibition of our show horse.

Marketing & Promotion

A great deal of misinformation is perpetuated about our horse by animal rights activist groups who are determined to undermine the show horse industry.  As a result, the industry must continue to work assertively to brand and market our horse for the versatile, docile and endurance horse that it is.


As funds are available, FAST has distributed  scholarships to youth within the walking horse show industry to further their education at the college, junior college or technical school.  An application process is required.


Protecting the World’s Most Talented and

Versatile Show Horse

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