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2020 Celebration

It is September 6, 2020, just a little over twelve hours ago the 84th Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration tied the last class of the annual 11-day show.


In this year of pandemic, riots, natural disasters, and a heated political atmosphere nationwide, Shelbyville, TN was an oasis.


Almost 2000 entries, their owners, trainers families, and horse lovers in general, came together in a Celebration of all that is good in America and in Tennesse Walking Horses.

The American spirit is alive and well. We honor our God, our Flag, and our Country. We cherish our families and hold friends close, as we compete for honors in this equine sport. We congratulate winners, bear our disappointments, and look to the future. We celebrate LIFE.


In the shining eyes of the children, we see the future of not just our breed, but of our nation. Children who grow up with their equine partners teaching them to face the world, to solve problems, and to experience love and commitment.


In the faces of those aged equestrians and equines both, who are approaching the sunset of their years, we see the joy as clear as the joy on the faces of the children. We never outgrow that love of our horse and the excitement of competition.  

Some have referred, tongue in cheek, to the event as the "great separation'.

In truth, it is  "The Great Coming Together" a revival, a reaffirmation.

This is THE Celebration. 

Thank you to the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration for sharing this video with us.

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